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TRAILS-9 not active, content moved

As of July 1, 2019, TRAILS-9 is no longer an active site. All TRAILS content is now available as an open educational resource (OER) at

Resources available at include:

+ TRAILS assessments as downloadable PDFs

+ A searchable database of all TRAILS items

+ Teaching resources contributed by users

+ A history of TRAILS

Registered TRAILS-9 users

Registered TRAILS users will be able to continue to sign in to this site to view their existing data through June 30, 2020. No other functionality will be available.

Our Appreciation

We are proud of the impact and reach TRAILS has had over the past fourteen years. Its 31,000 registered users administered assessments to nearly 2.5 million students. Our thanks to our committed and active user-base, as well as to the agencies and organizations that have supported us. We are particularly grateful to Carrick Enterprises for hosting the new TRAILS Archive site and for their support during this transition.

TRAILS has been brought to you by Kent State University Libraries.