Privacy Assurances


No identifying information about students is collected. To be able to report individual student outcomes, TRAILS provides school librarians the option to assign a pre-generated random code to each student. The TRAILS database maintains student results identifiable only by that random code.

School Librarians

To be able to use TRAILS, a school librarian must create an account which asks for name, e-mail address, school name, city, state, zip code, school type, and grade level. This information is maintained by TRAILS to identify characteristics of participating schools. Individual account information is secured and will not be available or shared with any third party, nor will identifying information on a given school or district be reported or made available.


The TRAILS Project Team does maintain the right to use data in the aggregate for research and publication purposes, as well as for refinement of the assessments and the items. This will follow the research guidelines in place at Kent State University.